Why choose us?


We try and make the process as simple as possible by screening opportunities as they arrive. As Agents, it's our duty to make sure you are getting the best deals money can buy.


With Low real estate prices, government incentives and an increase in property demand of all levels, we have the recipe for building large portfolios for longer-term investment. We will continue to prove this theory, as we achieve above-average returns. 


Once we find the opportunity that fits your needs, we package everything up so that it is easy to understand from any perspective. 

Our clients will have access to our legal and financial partners!

We always recommend working with an agent who not only has experience in negotiation but also has been through the process.  

Far too many times, we hear about the "nightmares" people have trying to deal with realtors who simply have no idea about what it takes to invest in property efficiently. 

Our main goals are to focus on strategically maximizing returns while minimizing risk, whilst keeping in mind the goals of our clients.  

We have a proven track record of identifying and executing profitable investments within the Portuguese real estate market.